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ground cover

  • Product description: weedmat ,ground cover PP weedmat

Horticultural Ground Cover PP Fabric 100 Grams Ground Cover Weed Mat


Specification of ground cover weed mat:
1. 90G/M2-400 G/M2
2. 4m-6m in roll width


products: Agriculture ground cover ,weed mat
material: PE PP
weaving condition: weaved by circular jet loom
mesh: 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 11x11 12x12 14x14
weight/gram per square meter 70--150g/sm
width: 70-520cm,available for wider fabric by heat sealing. Or as the clients' requirment
size: any sizes by the clients'requirment
colors mainly in black,green or other colors as per your request
coating PP laminated both sides
making rope reinforced hem ,heat sealed edges every eyelet interval 1m or three feet ,corner reinforced with triangle plastic sheets
characterics 1. Binding resistant,press resistant
2. water-proof ,sun-resistant,anti-aging, tear proof.
3. antifreeze,corrosion-resistant
4. could be produced with uv
application: special for Agricultual use, stop the weed growth, and keep the water
package packed in roll or in bales or cartons



Property of ground cover
1. Light weight, high strength, low elongation, easy to construct
2. Reinforcement, separation, drainage and filtration, fencing function etc

1. Prevent growth of weed
2. Prevent use farm chemical and good to earth and environment
3. Assure our body heath eating healthy earth products
4. Exceptional toughness and strength
5. Durable, tear-resistant; won't rot or mildew
6. Lightweight, easy to install, follows natural ground contours
7. Ideal for use in garden,flower greenhouse,fruit garden, landscaped beds,under decks and walkways.

Application of Woven Geotextile for river road highway landscape:
It can be widely used in areas of railways, highways, sport fields, earthwork projects, tunnels, coa
Mines, walls and slopes, environmental protection, and so on.
1. Weed block for landscaped garden beds
2. Permeable liners for planters (stops soil erosion)
3. Weed control under wooden decking
4. Geotextile for separating aggregate/soils under walkway blocks or bricks
5. Assists in preventing paving from settling unevenly
6. Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion
7. Slit fence

Production standard of weedmat:

Application of Geosynthetics
Hydraulic Lagooning and Water Treatment, Ornamental Ponds, Golf Courses Aquaculture and Desalination Water LagoonsTanks, Reservoirs, Liquid WasteFloating Cover SolutionsDrainage and FiltrationShading Cover Solutions
Environment Tailing ponds, Leach mining,Landfills,Landfill Capping,Protection against corrosion,Vertical Barriers
Civil Works Erosion Control, Secondary Containment, Tunnels,Linear and Surface Works,Consolidation of Margins,Soil Reinforcement,Soil Separation.
Building Parkings,Roofing,Soundproofing building



PP 7x7 100 Grams Horticultural Ground Cover Weed Mat Commercial Use 0PP 7x7 100 Grams Horticultural Ground Cover Weed Mat Commercial Use 1




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